Christmas Angel

Yarn: small amount of DK in White, flesh colour and hair colour;
small amount of “Goldfingering” or similar metallic yarn for halo and wings;
tiny amount of blue and dark pink for features

Polyester toy stuffing

3mm needles – double-pointed needles will make life easier.
4.5mm needles for wings.
Blunt sewing needle for finishing.

NB: Instructions given use knitting in the round and “double knitting” techniques because I hate sewing up. All pieces can be knitted flat, just add 2 extra sts and use these as a seam allowance.

Legs (make 2):

Using 3mm needles and white yarn, cast on 5 sts.
Row 1: inc in every st (10 sts)
Row 2 and all following rows: [p1, sl1 (wyif)], rep to end.
Rep this row (you are “knitting double”) until you have 9 purl ridges on each side of piece.
Using dpns, slip alternate sts onto 2 needles (Ist st to front needle, 2nd st to back needle etc). Break yarn and leave to one side while other leg is completed.
You should have two little tubes of knitting with the purl side outside – turn them the other way out so the knit side is showing.

Join for body:

Using dpns, knit across the front of the first leg, the front of the second leg, the back of the second leg and the back of the first leg. (20 sts).
You will need to use three dpns with a fourth for working the sts.
Continue knitting st st in the round (every round k) for 9 rounds.
Next round: k8, k2tog, k8, k2tog (18 sts)
Knit straight for 3 rounds.
Next round: [k2, (k2tog) 3 times, k1], rep to end. 12 sts.
K 1 round.


Change to flesh colour yarn:
Inc in every st (24 sts)
K 10 rounds without shaping
Next round: k2tog all round (12 sts).
At this point, you need to stuff the legs body and head before closing up the top of the head.
You will need to sew a few stitches to close the gap between the legs. Don’t worry if the head seems a bit soft, you can add more stuffing after the final round.
Next round: K2tog all round (6sts).
Break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread yarn-tail through blunt sewing needle and pass through remaining 6sts.
Add final bits of stuffing then pull yarn-tail tight to close the gap.
Tie off ends securely and “bury” them deep in the head.

Arms (make 2):

Using white yarn and 3mm needles, cast on 8 sts.
St st 8 rows
Change to flesh colour
St st 2 rows
Next row: K2tog to end (4 sts).
Break yarn, leaving a long tail and thread through remaing sts as for head.
Pull up tightly and use the tail to sew the row edges together to form a tube with a rounded end.
Leave cast on edge open. Stuff arms lightly and sew cast on edge to body about 2 rows below colour-change for head.

Eyes and mouth:

Cut 2 12” lengths of blue yarn and 1 12” length of dark pink.
Tie a large knot in the middle of each piece then thread one end onto blunt needle.
Position the eyes 5 rows up from head inc row and leave two sts between them. Use the needle to thread the ends through the head, leaving the knots showing.
Repeat for mouth, positioning the knot horizontally 2 rows below eyes.


Using hair colour and 3mm needles, cast on 6 sts.
*Row 1: K 5, inc in next st (7 Sts)
Row 2: Inc in 1st st, k to last but one st, turn
Row 3: k to end
Row 4: k2tog, k to last 2sts, turn
Row 5: K to last 2 sts, k2tog
Row 6: k to end
You are making a curved strip with a wavy edge (formed by the inc and dec).
Repeat these rows until the wavy edge fits around the head like the bottom of a hat.
Cast off.
Sew cast on and cast offf edges together. Run a thread through the opposite side to the wavy edge and pull up tight.
You have made a little hat with the garter st ridges running from crown to edge. Position hair on head and sew all around the edge. Keep the edges wavy and pull well down at the back.


Using 3mm dpns and “Goldfingering” yarn, cast on 60 sts; join for working in the round being careful not to twist the sts.
K 1 round.
Next round: k2tog all round (30 Sts).
Change to white yarn.
Continue in st st (all rounds k) without shaping for 15 rounds.
Next round: [k1, k2tog] to end (20 sts)
K 1 round.
Cast off loosely.
Sew skirt in place around body just below arms.
Skirt should be long enough to cover legs completely.


Using 3mm needles and “Goldfingering”, cast on 15 sts.
St st 2 rows.
Next row: [k1, yo, k2tog] to end.
Next row: k
Sts st 2 rows
Cast off.
Sew cast on and cast off edges together. Bend round to form a circle and sew row ends together.
Sew to top of head.


Using 4.5mm needles and “Goldfingering”, cast on 16 sts.
Working in garter st (all rows k), inc 1 st at each end of every other row until 20 sts or until piece is wide enough to span the Angel from arm to arm.
Continue without shaping until 18 rows in total have been worked. Cast off loosely.
Mark centre of piece (in between 10th and 11th sts) and run a gathering thread through; pull up tightly.
Sew wings to back of body with gathered section at centre back.
Sew the ends of wings to back of hands.
Wrap a piece of gold yarn a few times round neck and tie tightly.
Weave in all ends.

Hang on Christmas Tree and bask in the admiration of friends and family!

© 2006 Anne King
For personal, non-profit use only
Please do not distribute or copy this pattern without permission.